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Midnight Edition Gift Set Roll

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Midnight Edition Rotary Cutter
Lightweight Pinking Shear
Midnight Edition Lightweight Fabric Scissor

We teamed up with Nadia from luuee, a local maker from Markham, Canada to help create this Midnight Edition Gift Set Roll and raise funds for an anti-racism organization.

For this gift set, you get Nadia's handmade canvas scissor roll for free and we donate $5 from each one sold to Facing History & Ourselves.


What's included: 

-Midnight Edition Rotary Cutter with Midnight Edition Blade (ambidextrous handle)

-Midnight Edition Lightweight Pinking Shear

-8” Midnight Edition Lightweight Fabric Scissor (right- or left-handed)

-Canvas tool Roll (included by us for free), handmade by luuee

-A big virtual hug from us!

The Maker Behind the Canvas Roll: 

luuee was founded in early 2016 by Nadia Irish outside of Markham, Ontario. luuee specializes in creating small batches of handmade textile goods with a focus on home & travel accessories. 

Who are we donating to?

For every order, we are donating $5 to Facing History. Facing our collective history and how it informs our attitudes and behaviors allows us to choose a world of equity and justice. Facing History's resources address racism, antisemitism, and prejudice at pivotal moments in history; they help students connect choices made in the past to those they will confront in their own lives.